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 Indiana University of Pennsylvania invites you to take advantage of the Highly Qualified Teachers Program offered by the Mathematics Department in conjunction with the College of Education and Educational Technology.  This program is designed to aid practicing teachers in becoming “highly qualified” in the areas of Secondary Mathematics or Middle School Mathematics.     




Practicing special education or regular education teachers from partnering school districts who have not yet been designated as “highly qualified” mathematics teachers at the secondary or middle school level.



 The program consists of three parts: the pre-test, skills development, and the post-test. 

 The Pre-Test. Teachers enrolled in the program will sign up to take either the Praxis II Secondary Mathematics Content Knowledge Exam (0061) or the Middle School Mathematics Exam (0069). This exam will serve as the program’s pre-test.  The results of the pre-test will be used to determine a recommended course of action designed to improve a teacher’s mathematical knowledge in various content areas.

 Skills Development.  After the results of the pre-test are analyzed by program administrators, teachers will be given options for improving their mathematics content knowledge. The options may include on-campus courses taught in the evenings or during the summer by IUP faculty, on-line tutoring modules that teachers can access from the Internet, and/or a combination of each.

On-campus Courses This option has several benefits.  First, many of the courses will count towards Act 48 renewal.  Second, several of the courses can count towards a Master’s degree in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics.  Third, many of the courses include the study of pedagogical techniques along with mathematics content thereby enabling teachers to improve their teaching skills.

On-Line Tutorials: This option is for teachers who need more flexibility in their schedules and do not need college credit.  The on-line tutorials are offered through Teachers using this option will watch streaming video lectures and complete assignments via the Internet.  The benefits of this option are that modules can be designed to target specific needs.  However, this option is not eligible for college credit and may not be eligible Act 48 credit.

The Post-Test. After teachers completed their skills development program, they will be eligible to take the respective Praxis II Exam again.  Teachers, who received a passing score, as defined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, will be deemed “highly qualified.”



 This program is funded through a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Teachers enrolled in this program will receive:

a. reimbursement for the cost of the Praxis II exam that serves as the pre-test,

b. tuition reimbursement for up to three credit hours of college coursework, or reimbursement of the cost of the tutorial modules, and

c. reimbursement for the cost of the Praxis II exam that serves as the post-test.

Email Dr. Brian Sharp to apply to the program


Note: Post-test reimbursement is only available to those teachers who successfully complete their prescribed skills development portion of the program.